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Our cyber safety presenters

Judi Fallon

A teacher and school principal for 30 years, Judi has vast knowledge and expertise in presenting and working with schools, providing professional development, school leadership, staff, parent and student workshops.

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Brad Langoulant

A former librarian, Brad has experience working in schools, libraries and community groups, ranging from primary school presentations to digital engagement initiatives with seniors. He has successfully led the eSmart Libraries program across New South Wales and Queensland.

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Lauren Hopley

Lauren Hopley is a seasoned facilitator, performer, director, and advocate of positive behaviour change. Her career to date encompasses roles across the education, performing arts and tourism sectors, with a primary focus on interacting with young people to help them to better understand their world and their choices.

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Naomi Hunter

Naomi exudes an unwavering passion and commitment to empowering young people and their families through a nurturing and child-focused approach. With her extensive experience as a primary school teacher and children’s storybook author – as well as being a parent herself – she brings an abundance of knowledge and enthusiasm to Connect team.

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