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Audience: Grade 8 and 9 & 10

Description: This ground-breaking workshop looks at sexting and image-based abuse in a new way by encouraging students to discuss what it means to be in a respectful relationship and reflect on issues of consent.

There are lots of good reasons to have early conversations with your students about sexting and sharing of nudes.

These conversations can help your students understand what sexting is. They can help to prevent non-consensual sharing of inappropriate images, and they ensure that they know what avenues there are for help.

Note: Due to its interactive nature, this workshop is designed for classroom sized groups only


  • Challenge gender biases within society, to replace gendered sexual pressures and victim blaming, with norms about respectful relationships
  • Explore different perspectives, and the law, to change the behaviours of people who share images without consent
  • Encourage young people to support each other and know where to go for help

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