3 C’s of Cyber Safety, Grade 3 & 4

Audience: Grade 3 & 4

This is a general cyber safety session. The workshop provides an in-depth look into the 3 Cs – Contact, Conduct and Content –
Content risks -these risks include things that they might find upsetting, this might include pornography, images of cruelty to animals, and real or simulated violence.
Contact risks -these risks include children meeting people they don’t know or with adults posing as children online.
Conduct risks-these risks include children acting in ways that might hurt others or being the victim of this kind of behavior.
Tangible strategies and tools are explored to combat the risks mentioned

NOTE: This workshop has hands-on student activities for numbers under 30. For larger audiences of 30-100 students, the activities will be modified to suit.


  • Students will explore the benefits of the internet and know how to combat the risks.
  • Students will recognise the importance of being kind online and thinking before they post.
  • Students will develop critical reasoning skills around what is safe to share and with whom.

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