3 R’s of Online Etiquette

Audience: Grade 5 & 6 and 7 & 8

Description: This is a general cyber safety session, tailored to early adolescents. It provides an overview of the key cyber safety topics and protective factors. The 3 Rs – Reputation, Respect and Reflect – ensure consistent approaches to keeping safe online.

 NOTE: This workshop has hands-on student activities for numbers under 30. For larger audiences 30-100, the activities will be modified to suit.


  • Students will understand the impact of bullying, including the subtleties of varying types of cyber bullying.
  • Students will develop critical reasoning skills around what is safe to share and with whom, and how to respect themselves and others.
  • Students will learn how to consider their digital footprint and understand how a negative footprint can impact the present and the future.

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